Sunday November 29 , 2015

Unity, Restoration, Perpetuation

It is the nature of rural communities to work cohesively for the mutual benefit of all members. Only by fostering this collective purpose can a community survive and thrive.

Adversity challenges many aspects of community living. LandAid’s aim is to shoulder-up alongside rural communities with identified needs.

LandAid seeks to partner rural communities to build sustainable futures.

United, we rebuild rural communities for their future.

Through partnerships, LandAid and rural communities will work together to eliminate or reduce rural economic, social, health and communication disadvantages.


Who We Are:

LandAid Ltd is a charitable organization, founded by determined volunteers, comprising Australian businesses, agencies, artists and committed individuals with a collective goal of aiding and supporting immediate and ensuing needs of hardship communities and regions. Our goal is to re-enable communities to ‘fish for themselves’ – not merely provide ‘fish for the day’.

LandAid liaises with and provides assistance for the unique needs of rural hardship communities - rather than individuals. Assistance may be given via direct funding or direct sponsorship/partnerships with businesses and/or other charities. Monies generated and collected become part of a charitable fund overseen by a prudent, appropriately skilled and qualified board of directors and distributed to eligible communities based on the severity of need as defined by LandAid Grant guidelines. It is also expected that monies will be available for appropriate research into more effective ways and means of managing and utilizing land/water.

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United, we rebuild
rural communities
for their future.